Remember the Sigh

Can you remember it?

That moment that made you sigh with relief and utter, Thank God. Not flippantly, or as just a thoughtless reaction, but with a genuine heart of gratitude?

When you, only seconds before, carried the weight of the world, fearing a positive test result, unsure of the state your loved one was in after an accident, or perhaps wondering whether the child you’d lost sight of had been abducted?

Remember that feeling. The feeling before the sigh. When you were anxious. Worried.  Out-of-your-mind terrified. And desperate to know that things would turn out alright.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced something that shook us to our core, threatened our well-being, and made us realize that we are not in control.

Those moments that make you utter a prayer, if not scream it, perhaps for the first time in your life, hoping… and even praying that there is a GOD… and begging for Him to help you.

I can’t do this... you think.

I can’t handle this. 

If I’m sick…

If she dies…

If he’s gone for good…

How am I?

How am I going to live with the pain?

How am I going to tell her siblings?

How am I going to be able to raise these kids by myself?

Sometimes the sigh comes quickly. 

The lost child is found.

The test results come back that day.

The nurse tells you he’s stable, and expecting a full recovery.

But sometimes, it takes some time…

The kids, with help from the counselor, are adjusting to their new normal.

The cancer, though always a threat, has finally subsided after months of chemo.

The young wife who’s husband broke his vows all-too-soon, has found a new man who understands what love and devotion is all about, and has given her hope for her future again.

But the thing is… the sigh always comes.

The weight gets lifted.

You can breathe again.

Thank God. 

It’s easy to blame God for the troubles in our life. To share how unfair our circumstances are. To vent off our anger and rant about injustices. To forget about the sigh. 

But, there was a sigh. 

There is always a sigh.

Do you remember it?

The moment you knew, even if only in that moment, that someone was watching over you. Someone had just answered your cry. Someone had been aware of your anguish. 

And… someone had taken that anguish away.


Thank God. 

Remember that moment.

Remember the sigh.

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